Temperature: 12.5 °C at Ian Stewart Complex/Mt. Douglas High School Temperature: 15.1 °C at Hans Helgesen Elementary School Temperature: 8.4 °C at John Muir Elementary School Temperature: 12.9 °C at Ocean Trails Resort Temperature: 14.7 °C at Deep Cove Elementary School Temperature: 13.3 °C at Qualicum Beach Elementary School Temperature: 11.1 °C at Palsson Elementary School Temperature: 12.3 °C at False Bay School Temperature: 13.4 °C at Pender Islands Elementary and Secondary School Temperature: 12.2 °C at Arrowview Elementary School Temperature: 12.8 °C at Bowser Elementary School Temperature: 8.6 °C at Port Renfrew Elementary School Temperature: 8.9 °C at Edward Milne Community School Temperature: 16.1 °C at Nanoose Bay Elementary School Temperature: 10.8 °C at Saturna Elementary School Temperature: 15.6 °C at Galiano Community School Temperature: 13.8 °C at Fernwood Elementary School Temperature: 13.2 °C at Fulford Elementary School Temperature: 17.3 °C at Vancouver Island University Temperature: 12.2 °C at Seaview Elementary School Temperature: 13.2 °C at Quamichan Middle School Temperature: 16.1 °C at L'Ecole Hammond Bay Elementary Temperature: 12.2 °C at Mountain View Elementary Temperature: 10.6 °C at Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre Temperature: 12.5 °C at Alberni Elementary School Temperature: 9.0 °C at Wickaninnish Community School Temperature: 9.2 °C at Ucluelet High School Temperature: 15.2 °C at Ladysmith Secondary School Temperature: 9.8 °C at Captain Meares Elementary Secondary School Temperature: 13.0 °C at Airport Elementary School Temperature: 13.7 °C at Cumberland Community School Temperature: 13.4 °C at Hornby Island Community School Temperature: 11.3 °C at Miracle Beach Elementary Temperature: 11.2 °C at North Island Distance Education School Temperature: 15.2 °C at Valley View Elementary School Temperature: 11.7 °C at Trial Island Lightstation Temperature: 11.3 °C at Ocean Grove Elementary Temperature: 12.9 °C at Timberline Secondary Temperature: 10.3 °C at Sayward Elementary School Temperature: 12.3 °C at Carihi Secondary Temperature: 10.3 °C at Ditidaht Community School

School-Based Weather Station Network

Vancouver Island

Current temperatures on Vancouver Island.
Temperature at our weather stations (141/155). Place your mouse over a station (diamond) to see the current temperature at that location. Other variables can be found on our two-dimensional plot page. A large version of the temperature map is also available. See Vancouver Island, Gulf Islands. See also: Victoriaweather.ca, Nanaimoweather.ca.

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Our iPad and iPhone app is now available from the App Store.

Twitter: @vanisleweather.

Inland Vancouver Island Forecast

FPCN11 CWVR 272300 Forecasts for the south coast of British Columbia issued by Environment Canada at 4:00 p.m. PDT Saturday 27 May 2017 for tonight Sunday and Sunday night. The next scheduled forecast will be issued at 5:00 a.m. PDT Sunday.

Inland Vancouver Island. Tonight..Clear. Low 10. Sunday..Sunny. High 30. UV index 7 or high. Sunday night..Clear. Low 10.

West Vancouver Island Forecast

FPCN11 CWVR 272300 Forecasts for the south coast of British Columbia issued by Environment Canada at 4:00 p.m. PDT Saturday 27 May 2017 for tonight Sunday and Sunday night. The next scheduled forecast will be issued at 5:00 a.m. PDT Sunday.

West Vancouver Island. Tonight..Clear. Fog patches. Low 9. Sunday..Sunny. Fog patches dissipating near noon. Windy over exposed coastal sections in the afternoon. High 21. UV index 8 or very high. Sunday night..A few clouds. Increasing cloudiness near midnight. Windy over exposed coastal sections in the evening. Low 10.

Stations in the Network

Uplands Park Elementary
Date:2017/05/28, 03:14
Temperature: 16.6 °C
L: 14.0 °C, H: 26.2 °C
Humidity: 58 %
Dewpoint: 8 °C
Pressure: 1018 hPa barometer trend
Insolation: 0 W/m2
UV Index: 0
Wind Speed: 0 km/hr SSE

Forecasters say that conditions are clear if less than 20% of the sky is covered by clouds.

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All Stations, One Variable

See plots for a single variable at all of the stations in the network.

Summary of Recent Observations

See a graphical summary of the latest observations across the entire network.

Now storing at least 8 138 149 685 observations.

Forest fire danger class rating

Contact information

For further information or data inquiries please contact us at weather@uvic.ca. If you find a problem or have a question about the site please be sure to send the relevant site and page address (the URL from your browser's address bar). Also include a screen capture image if you can so that we can see what you are seeing.

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